Might be getting Star Wars Squadrons tomorrow! If I will, I’ll write an honest review of it.

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    I kinda could go for some fly around and shoot stuff star wars action ... but so many star wars licensed games really are some story driven AAA ... thing where they try to do too much and it's just ... not just flying and having a good time.

    Or cash grab mobile stuff and etc.

    Kinda bummer that licensed stuff gets so few games / chances at good games.
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    @N00bPancakes this one has most of the emphasis on multiplayer iirc.
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    Let me know how competitive it is.

    I'm more of a casual multiplayer type gamer these days.

    I've been having an excessive amount of fun playing world of tanks on the switch. Did not expect that.
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    @N00bPancakes if I’d get it tomorrow I’ll let you know.

    Heck, if you get the game we can play together sometime.

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