First they take ages to CONFIRM that my rtx2070 is indeed dead, now give sell me a BROKEN aio cooler

Never buying there again.

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    Ey Konrad ist toll!
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    How the hell would they know the AIO is broken?
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    What can break on an AIO? Unless it leaked out or vaporization.
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    @jespersh It makes a rattling noise when it’s sideways, so in normal
    operating position. When it’s flat it doesn’t make the noise.

    I was bashing and moving that thing around for hours in the hopes of getting the air bubbles out, with no success.

    Online People who had the same noise broke after 2 weeks. So I’ll return it and get another model because it’s still in the 2 weeks warranty and I don’t want the same hassle I have with my gpu now.
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    @Ranchonyx K&M is toller.
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    @010001111 der Laden ist mir neu.
    Gut zu wissen.
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    Do you know the proper way to install an aio? The block/pump should never be the highest part.

    Here's a guide that's unfortunately excessively long and slightly confusing https://youtu.be/BbGomv195sk. But it explains what's important when installing an AIO.
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    @010001111 thats not a warranty. its your right from going back from the contract.
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    E: keeping my comment here even though you removed yours ;)

    @010001111 That should be ok, but the video suggests that the tubes should be at the bottom of the radiator. That way the other end of the radiator is the highest part.

    I recall that at some point you were able to get better performance for cheaper with tower coolers than with AIOs this small.
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    @electrineer I’ve also tried that which didn’t change anything.

    Each mount ran for about 5-10 minutes.

    I’m trying a proper top-mount now without dangly stuff...
    I wish I’d be in the wrong.
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    @electrineer thought I’d knew my problem, that’s why I deleted. But nope, wrong thought.

    Also, can’t mount on top, there is a heatsink from my mobo in the way... :(
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    @010001111 if you can't get it to work, return it and buy something else
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    @electrineer just to be extra sure, this is correct? Same thing...

    Thanks for your help anyways!
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    Conrad ist eine verdammte Apotheke. Fuck Conrad.
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    @electrineer air coolers are always cheaper than water coolers and perform not worse than water ones.
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    @iiii good large AIOs do perform better than good large air coolers, but which one you should buy depends on many factors.
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    @iiii But they are louder. Which is my reason to buy one.

    I was perfectly happy with air coolers for more than 10 years and my previous pc ran more than 6 years with the intel stock cooler.
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