any job hunting tips?

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    Be kind and honest and go into every job interview with the thought that you're there to learn if the job is a good fit for you.
    Don't be afraid to abuse your network a bit. Someone knows someone who needs a dev for sure (source = got my last two jobs like that)
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    - wear camo
    - .30-06 rounds, 180gr softpoint
    - gain the high ground
    - lure them out with food
    - aim for the lungs

    Oh JOBS, I thought you said deer. Yeah, just learn algorithms and be personable.
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    Look at this Pencil

    6 edges
    HB hardness

    Bright yellow helps you to find your pencil instantaneously.
    Thanks to the 6 edges the pencil won't roll anywhere.
    Write effortlessly and smooth thanks to the HB hardness.
    With the rubber ended tip correcting errors is hassle free.

    Apply this principle to your CV and interviews.
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    @heyheni what if youre one of the elite and use a pen? Lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD Easy, just tell the interviewer the pen is black like his soul.
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    @heyheni I have a Gamer Edition Pencil, it is all black and has bright colors as rubber tip


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    The number of people who aren't paperless in 2020 is too damn high.
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    Keep trying. From those I've interviewed, there's a very small margin of difference between candidates.
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    @SortOfTested I still see people printing out emails every other day.
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    @heyheni That's something deep I am too shallow to understand
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    Learn kooobernetis, a complicated microservice architecture, basics of a language, basics of a framework and a cloud technology.. Nowadays, a lot of tech company HRs and the interviewers hardly give any damn about algorithms and data structures. Sad world.
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    (pin emoji)
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    @ScribeOfGoD I actually have a fountain pen in use, with custom nib. And a roller pen as backup because half of the time, the fountain pen won't write as I write too rarely.

    It's a bit high maintenance, BUT! it's so beautiful if it writes that it's worth the hassle.

    Just like a Ferrari. With a hot blonde on the front passenger seat. Doesn't matter that both are totally useless in the ubiquitous traffic jam.
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