some old time clients finally decided to pay me, so I had a bit of cash on me (I feel rich, lol).

here's the thing: I am torn in between buying a second monitor and investing in that server i planned to build in a previous rant.

I could just save the money, I dont know if I am being extra right now, I remember when I just had half a laptop screen to work with, now i have a this used 24 inch monitor I bought for cheap now I want to expand with another 24 inch probably. this arrangement will make things a bit comfortable and faster for me but it still wont affect me if I dont get it...........ok I'm talking too much

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    Server 100%
    Second monitor isn't too worth it
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    Damn it I love being rich.
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    Second monitor. Depending on your type of work having a full second browser open or open a 2nd editor when referencing another project is really nice.

    Aside from that you can also stick random stuff like spotify there.

    What do you need a server for? In the best case, you can replace that with a raspberrypi 4 with hdds, ssd and a cheap vps for the more heavy lifting. Docker is a great way to keep the systems clean and have tons of services running (swap with ssd on a rpi recommended though).

    I also heard that you can get tons of old Dell desktop pcs on ebay for around $95 which will have even more horse power as well as upgradable ram.
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    Buy a better job
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    I'm agree with @LinusCDE. If you want to buy one of them, second monitor is more exciting.
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