I've deleted a previous rant because it wasn't appropriate.

My built up frustration is reaching peak levels and I'm aggressive as fuck. -.-

Anyone a non sportive solution to solve anger issues... Cause my brain is producing violent fantasies that would make some parts of crime history look like kindergarten.

It's really everything at the moment:
Corona, isolation, people at work, work at work, weather, health issues and a few more things.

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    I'm very much not an outside kinda person.

    But really in such situations, shut off phone, then walks, hikes, a drive to a new place is what works for me. Sometimes bring my camera (not the phone) to take pics or something.

    Just be somewhere else for a while.
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    Buy a bike and put some distance between yourself and humanity. Plants are good for your positivity.

    Also pop some d3, just in case.
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    Ride a bike as far as you can go time and energy-wise and then turn around and come back.

    Do deep breathing. It’s not woo woo crap. It’s science.

    Hug someone or ask for them to hug you. It has to be at least 8 seconds to have the oxytocin release effect that calms you down.

    Write a letter to whatever is aggravating you. Burn the letter.
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    Important to remember that intrusive thoughts are perfectly normal. Try not to get in a loop of being worked up about the fact you feel worked up. And above all, speak to professionals not randos on the internet.
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    not very popular especially in this field, but regular workout sessions help
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    What I do when I'm pissed is run a round or two.
    It helps take my mind off things.
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