FML! Icons missing from taskbar..check resources..available memory 1MB.. o.O

Okaaaay, usually with missing icons I restart explorer.exe.. restarts all good..not sure on the ram consuption at those times..

Well now that I did the same thing it fuckin closed everything!! Unsaved changes gone..VS saved changes..fuck me if I know what happened.. didn't check yet as it pissed me off, so I'm rebooting the comp..

So yeah, on top of everything that can go wrong in my life rn.. this..fuuuuuuck!!

P.S. people who actually use wins..how much ram you got?! 🤔

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    Bro chill, it's gonna be okay 🙌🏻
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    Last time i looked it was around 16GB.
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    16GB in my gaming PC because I don't need more.

    32GB in my workstation laptop because I'm a baller programmer.
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    @Kimmax Hey, you were right! How did you know?!

    Files (important ones) were all there with changes & rl fuckery got unfucked a bit..yay!
    Also VS forgot about opened files and undeleted breakpoints like it does every time it crashes, but it's a minor inconvenience.. all in all, it was a win win situation.. // fucked up pun intended 🤣😇
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    @sladuled it always looks bad at first
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    @Kimmax Yeah I know.. but it's been horrible 3 weeks...blow after blow agter blow... corona not included with this.. //not sick, just sick of it, but I think pretty much everyone is fucked up by the situation..
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