I hate it when non-devs (HR, Customer Services,..) treat developers as if they're some type of 'weird non-humans'.
Whatever gives them that pretentious right to just label people like that? There are developers with emotions and humanity too!

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    Wait, aren't we are all just a bunch of basement dwellers who grow massive beards and end up bald?

    There's a different type of dev?
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    @C0D4 I have girlfriend!
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    @C0D4 No, of course not! The memes can't be wrong

    @Lexter You don't have have to lie to us, mate, it's okay
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    @Lexter are you lying to us???
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    @iiii I have no reason to tell you lies guys. Damn, you wont believe how great it is. Now i have breafasts! Fucking breakfasts! Not just dozens cups of coffee till i eat some fast shit in the evening. :P
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    @Lexter Pfff, yeah right... Soon you're going to tell us you sleep at night and don't have terminal windows with green font. *smh*
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    @Jilano Lol, it is actualy truth. :D She pushed my sleep time three hours back. :D

    Still living bro, still living.
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    *beep boop*,

    Emotions + Dev are not compatible *beep boop*

    Neither girlfriends, sun, sleep... *beep boop*,

    Only coffee it's compatible with the developer being. *beep boop*.

    Ending transmission...
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    Not sure how it is today, but back then you did not became a developer if you wanted to do something with people.
    So the average developer tend to be a lot less extrovert than the average generic clerk...
    Maybe the new ones today are all like in the google job ads. But i seriously doubt that.

    If we never show emotions, how could they know, that we have them...
    Also we are weird - we like solving complex problems, wich isn't a trait found in the common clerk.

    If the muggles don't treat you like one of their tribe, it probably is because you are mentally too far away from them.
    They can't understand you and have no common topics to smalltalk about (another thing, a lot of developers just don't do, but the common human does)...
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    I am a weird non-human, though.
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    @Root aliens unite!
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    Can you sign my husband up for the beard bit? He has serious beard game genetically, but keeps shaving it off. 😞
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