I've been wondering for a while about something...why do so many devs complain sooo much when they have to to stuff not related to their main area of expertise.
I like learning and trying everything if I have the opportunity...backend, fronted, database, dev-ops, crypto, networking, virtualization...I stuck my nose in everything...but I see a lot of people moaning and despairing when they are thrown out of their comfort zone.
Like why...it's interesting... it's not always sunshine and rainbows but knowing something new in IT is never gonna hurt you...who knows maybe someday it's gonna help you get out a tight spot or land that awesome job you wanted.
Ok I'm done 😁

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    I can agree in the broadest sense. I know my frustration usually comes when I'm being asked to solve a problem without the appropriate permissions, access or authority.

    In a broad enough context, IT will encompass software engineering, but there is generally differentiation between a software/saas company and an IT org. I wouldn't consider myself "in IT" by the common usage of the term.
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    @SortOfTested i agree on both statements... restricted access and security policies are usually the first obstacle when I move on something new and yeah they are always annoying. As for the IT term...i used it cause I couldn't come out with a broad enough term to mention our entire domain of work...so kinda defaulted to IT
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    In some cases associating with humans is outside their area of expertise or interest.
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    I kinda agree with you, I think it's ok to do sporadic tasks on stuff you don't know, it's fun learning new stuff. The problem is if you were hired to do X but end up only doing Y, that might be very annoying.
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    @neeno yeah that's a valid point... always having to do something other than what you were hired for (and probably what you wanted to do) is certainly good enough reason to rage
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    I think most devs actually like learning new things, if you listen closely their complaints are usually about unrealistic expectations and pressure

    dev: 'I'd love to learn a new language and field outside of my JD so i can fix your problem but my output will slow down considerably "

    biz: "Ok stop complaining and get to it'

    also biz 1 day later "Are we there yet?"

    *fight breaks out*

    conclusion: dev has no social skills and is not a team player
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    I think it comes with things like wanting to get better, faster, pressure (personal or work imposed) to do a thing.... then a curve ball gets thrown at you to do a thing you aren't efficient at.
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    @ArtOfBBQ your conclusion is wrong, I think.
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    I am old and tired. Nothing manmade is interesting to me anymore. I'm tired. Sooooo fucking tired.
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    You've got a point; it seems to me that you've not experienced or spoken to devs who were expected to do IT stuff like fixing computers, troubleshooting hardware...
    It may be fun if it's your first time and it was a one-off, but some of us had to do that pretty regularly instead of doing what we were supposed to do.
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    @iiii it was sarcasm i should have put
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