1. A client asks a website.
2. Client pays 50% upfront.
3. I create the site on my server he gets no access.
4. I request rest of payment.
5. Client doesnt want to have the website anymore and tells me to keep the money and he nearly closes his business.

Happens to me 4th time so far.
Not fair.

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    It happens to me too, twice. I know that feeling.
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    Just curious. Did you have a contract on that before the work started?
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    30% down
    50% after design comps
    20% after site is live.

    You get 80% of the project budget before writing a single line of code.

    Works like a charm, every time.
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    @hoggchan No contracts. I code on my server so nothing wrong can happen and they get some previews. Like he gives 50% of money then he gives it away, who does that. But yea contracts maybe a good to be done from now on.
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    @darkcode i ll follow that guide, seems good
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    You got paid free money and didn't have to work... so it wasn't as much as you wanted or needed. Didn't have to work alot for it either
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    That is true @ScribeOfGoD . But hey i could make a good use of his money on BBQ parties and plenty of alcohol, right??
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    Creating milestone payments always works for me.
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    You guys ++'d me so fast, i didnt get a 666 ups screenshot. Come on
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    @darkcode interesting but in my world, it wouldn't be practical. Getting a deposit takes long enough. Making multiple invoices will complicate things.
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    @stalinkay what world are you in where my milestone payment structure wouldn't work? Genuinely curious.
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    @darkcode I mostly deal with state owned enterprises and the likes. Living in a banana republic. So getting 1 payment may take a few weeks to a month or 2. It's not worth the stress to bill multiple times in my case. 2 invoices are the magic number for me.
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