I am using flutter in my office right now to develop a cross platform app. Flutter is great and everything but there is just one issue. WHY ARE FLUTTER UPDATES SO DEVASTATING?? Latest flutter 1.22 takes in dart 2.10 ehich replaces @reuired with anew keyword required. What the hell!!! And also every var is now by default null safe. Whyyyy??? I was just trying to adjust to the update made in 1.12. oh and btw it went from 1.12 to 1.22 stable in just 6 months.

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    That ecosystem is fine with breaking changes, as long as there will be fixers distributed for things like that which are easy enough to address.
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    I love Dart, but I'm still scared to use flutter because I'm afraid google will just decide to kill it
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    @10Dev Love this comment.
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    Learn regex.

    Apply it in IDE - search n replace (or sed).

    Be done.

    Mighty chainsaw attack :)
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    @IntrusionCM yeah regex solves just one prob.
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