A customer sent me code today along with their request for a feature.

They want a thing happen when they click a button so they sent me some jQuery on click function ;)

I really don't mind it. They're trying, it's a well meaning tip .... but fuck no am I adding a customer specific function for their request, we have a another system for that kinda thing ;)

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    Treat it as an example and not the required solution :)

    My clients always do that, they even go as far as search for laravel/vuejs packages to be used that are close enough to give us an example of what they actually want :)
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    I look forward to the day I get an email:

    Customer: "Hey here's an npm package that will do that thing!"

    Me: "Hold on a second ... YOU wrote this package!"
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    @N00bPancakes LOL. Tho to be fair, one client indeed wrote the HTML+JS version of what he needed.

    And funny enough - it wasn't THAT bad. It wasn't great either but based on it - we finished the script and it's working just fine :) (client, without us knowing was learning basic coding in order to understand technical limitations)
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    @potata I wish more people would be dedicated to understanding technical limitations. That sounds so nice. Everyone I've dealt with have always just assumed I said things weren't possible because I'm lazy/don't know how to do it.
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    I've had enough of people sans qualification trying to tell me how to do my job for one life.
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    @Elyz Sorry for late reply :)

    Yeah, this was a total surprise for me too but at the moment, even a second client actually investigates stuff before going for us... This is especially nice because you don't have to explain too deeply nor he's mad when you tell him that it's not possible :)
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