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    you better get good with that shit if you want to make more than shitty websites my man
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    @AleCx04 I don’t make websites anymore, and also, how is that related, really? I really don’t understand how math is related to making layouts and functions, I must say...
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    Maths is too broad, be specific, you can't be bad in maths overall
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    Same here
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    @OmerFlame @AleCx04 is right.

    Robotics, control systems, type theory, distributed systems, scheduling, compilers, discrete optimization, avionics, accelerators, graphics, audio, physics, numerical methods and simulation, electronics, power systems, HPC/cluster computing, computer architecture, algorithm analysis, machine learning and AI etc. heavily use maths. If you go for higher education (masters or PhD or higher), you'll need maths.

    You want in on that stuff, learn.

    Also, if you're wondering how maths relates to making functions, type theory and programming language design are heavily based on mathematical logic, and many good design patterns just echo that.

    Plus it's basic thinking skills which you'll use everywhere. Watch 3Blue1Brown if you want it made interesting.

    Otherwise, sure, you don't need it.
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    @AleCx04 Thank you bro, this just motivated me to study math more :)
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    The best example I've seen of needing at least a basic understanding of math related concepts was when someone pinged me on how to add a dimension to an array, and then couldn't understand how a third entry made it 3d when our logic had nothing to do with graphics.
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    If you don't like maths, start up YouTube and check out 3blue1brown.
    He is great in visualizing maths and making it easier to understand on all difficulty levels.

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    @OmerFlame Computer science is a practical Science inside of Mathematics. If you can't see how it relates to math I would suggest to dig much.....much deeper and then find out if this is your field. No one that is doing anything substantial is free from mathematics.

    Hating math ain't cool...it just makes it simple to distinguish the good ones from the dumb ones.

    Not calling you dumb btw. Just trying to give you some perspective
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