Where do you go/do to rant about life?

Let all the rage out... That's not related to dev...

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    Reddit and some Discord channels, unfortunately.

    There are certain topics I cannot benefit from posting here, mostly sex (non-joke ones) and workouts. Those topics seem to antagonize a lot of developers no matter how you phrase it. I've encountered too many who feel personally attacked about the idea of someone having sex because to them, it's a magical unicorn thing that no real developer should ever experience.

    Don't forget the ones who lack basic reading comprehension and twist your words however they like so they can have an excuse to treat you as a punching bag for their untreated depression. Boy, is it exhausting and it's downright pathetic how little life some pricks have.
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    @rutee07 I'll subscribe to workout rants
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    @rutee07 you're alive! Been missing you! Which reminded me also, maybe we should add channels to the devRant Discord server for such topics 🤔
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    @Elyz I want to rant about workouts too!
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    @100110111 Wait a sec. I think I saw that thread yesterday. Is that the official devRant Discord server?
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    @rutee07 as official as it gets I suppose
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    @Elyz I'll be there later then. :D
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    @rutee07 there's no official server unless @dfox endorses it though?
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    @donuts @rutee07 @Elyz I'd say we have at least two community servers.
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    Look at me mofo
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    to my fridge. Crack open a beer. Pour it on my fav glass. Imaginr myself in front of me and talk yo myself while I drink it

    I like talking to pros only.
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    make your own lifeRant i guess?

    Im working on a ADHDrant myself
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    Welcome to our Discord server: https://discord.gg/jMp64VH
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    @rutee07 That's why you should do it more often instead of moving shop somewhere else.
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    @AleCx04 I talk to myself but I don't drink...
    I throw up after like half a can everytime one tried... Which would be rarely.... Since I throw up.

    I think the main thing is being able to talk with "someone" else like a psych maybe.

    Or a human-like chatbot... The problem is haven't found one human enough... So wondering if anyone had.
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    The pub
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    What if it's caused by a @jiraTicket ?

    😂 Just had to... Though actually spend all day updating them for this weekend release...

    I have so many tickets...
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