Dear Kubuntu 20.04
You're not a programming language but I felt that you fit here in this wkRant so people can see how shitty you became.

It's about 6:27am CET, and you wasted my night, you used to be as simple as sudo apt-get install, now you're mostly PPA first or worse, make. You killed make now we use cmake. We are now looking for debs, which is a pain since you end up in an index site without download here. And the debs now don't work. Missing dependencies. You killed core libraries saying they are now incompatible or obsolete.
All I want is my god damn cli visualiser and osdlyrics back!!

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    how did kubuntu kill make?
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    I used to like kde until I started feeling all the bloat. I gradually removed/disabled features that were either unnecessary or broken until I realized i may as well go with a bare debian or arch install.
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    Im thinking about arch..
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    @geneticCode arch will certainly break your shit
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    So which of your distros is dependency-friendly? @Linux
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    This rant is so much on incident .
    I was using manjaro for a very long time.. suddenly from the last month I started facing system freez , screen stuttering , deps unstability , unnecessary crashes.. tried installing the distro several times but no progress. Today I'm switching to manjaro gnome. Earlier it was kde.
    Hope It does my job instead of keeping me away from my job and fixing unwanted crash issues.
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    @geneticCode you can try garuda linux.. that one seems to be promising.. myself will try that after my new machine gets shipped to doorstep.

    Also in linux you have to be aware of any random fatal errors.
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    I wonder how having Ubuntu with a preinstalled DE other than GNOME causes so much fuss. Using Ubuntu with KDE Plasma and I do not have such problem (except when I have to install a deprecated package, in which case I just pass if I can)
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