This is the stuff that they use to make to numb

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    The rant and comment editing policy of devRant itself can be a new rant topic. 😡
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    @MisterSingh Side note: "devrant" is for rants/posts about the platform itself. Regular rants to to the "rant" category. You know, the big red inviting one on the list.

    You can just remake the post or comment if you want to edit things that badly. I guess the small editing window (especially for free users) is because this community is a two-man side project and they don't want to throw resources at it for something that matters only once in a while.
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    I rather enjoy all of the dark humor in development terminology. 🙂
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    Do people really complain about it unironically?
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    @CodeTalker If so, they need to find a different field. Don’t fuck up a good thing.
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