Just another day fun as hell day with old JavaScript

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    It literally tells you how to fix it.
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    To be fair, you could write javascript with no npm modules, so it's not really javascript's fault
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    Just another day as a JS dev
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    @nibor That's like saying you can walk, so why complain about a broken car
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    @10dev it's often like someone not going to the shop at the end of their road because their car has a broken unnecessary gadget, when they could walk there in 5 minutes
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    @10Dev lol how do you even achieve this?
    Did you explicitly use the least popular packages?
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    @nibor Except it's not a 5 minute walk, though. It's usually a 10 mile run and a swim across the amazon river.

    No, it's not Javascript's fault but I doubt you'd also have enough time to rewrite all 92 plugins.

    Which is why I abhor working with JS.
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    Looks like a typical old JS project with too many dependencies that is being spun up again after 2 years of being dormant. This doesn't happen on a day to day basis in an ongoing project.

    Its good there is a tool that lets you know about it, but stop with the dependency hell already.
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    @theuser @nitwhiz yeah, this is js that I'm bringing back from the dead. Normally it isn't this bad
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    @10Dev Not really sure what you should do, I highly doubt you have the time to sort it out. Sounds like weeks upon weeks of updating and testing.
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    @theuser yeah I'm probably just gonna start again. This isn't worth updating almost 100 packages
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    JavaScript is literally the only language that tells you your vulnerabilities when you install a new module.

    As much as I know, other programming languages OBVIOUSLY have vulnerabilities too, but nobody tells you
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    JS devs be like:
    - pulling in 10 GB of trash from all over the internet
    - waking up to dependency hell
    - blaming JS
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    @Fast-Nop heeyyy after spending 60 hours slapping my dick around webpack 5, I got it down to 4 megs!! gzipped and minified
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    How much of that gazillion packages are you actually using?
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    exactly, those are only the errors? how many packages do you actually need??
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