When you teach a designer to code and they finally understand...

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    And now teach him js...
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    Good. From a designer standpoint, writing html, css, xml or json is coding.
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    I've thought about this before, if I'm tired and doing systems admin... One of any character really.Think about the differences between / and ./
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    Isn't the b tag deprecated in favour of strong in html5?
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    @ElectricCoffee strong is for emphasis. B is valid but discouraged, <span class="bold"></span> and then applying style via CSS is the way to go now.
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    @dsteiner don't you just love having to type more than 10 times more?
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    I'm not a web developer but aren't they're ways to use macro processing to do the typing and translation for you? Seems like I've seen web code decorated with \@
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