This is way too true!

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    Yup but not always client 😂
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    It's so hard to choose a color ! :o
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    I fall under the client side. If you say red, you get #f00, you say blue you get #00f. Unless you give me the actual colors you want it's going to look wrong.
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    Designer . Awww so pretty

    Client 🤕 my eyes! Holy shit my eyes
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    And don't forget what happens when you design in mac and the client has a windows desktop with a shitty monitor screen
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    Designer: Mac Pro with 21:9 monitor
    Client: 6 year old 4:3 monitor with Dell PC
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    @saporules Why do you compare a bad computer with a shitty monitor to Windows?
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    Background on client side should be white
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    Our client wanted every icon grey scaled .. Now it looks that every icon is disabled. He likes the new design....
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    True lol
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    That's so cute and accurate ^__^
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