Just saw a post on linked in of my senior ranting that students are contributing in open source just for a 2 dollar t-shirt and then found himself editing the documentation of repositories for submitting pull requests.

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    Where can you get a t shirt for 2 bucks these days?! I'd like to know. I tend to spend as little money as possible on clothes.
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    @AlmondSauce in Russia you can have cotton ones for 59₽, less than a dollar. Also AliExpress
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    @uyouthe I wonder if that has anything to do with china being closer to russia (and not separated by oceans)?
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    @uyouthe That's insane. You're lucky to find one in a shop for less than £10 here.
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    @AlmondSauce 100% cotton though, I think from Uzbekistan. The shirt itself is made locally and has a decent quality, better than those blank shirts they give you when you order a branded shirts
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    Contributing to FLOSS is always nice - regardless whether you previously ranted about that or not.

    But actually, the senior got a point there:
    He probably don't need to turn all his productive time into money anymore.
    But students today sadly have no time to spare and need all the money they can possibly aquire by any means.
    They need to focus real hard to get past the university stage in time as that probably is the most stressfull (and in some countries also the most expensive) time of their life.
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    @astha77 how about no.
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