Android studio has a mini version of TensorFlow,
Me: makes an AI Gallery Vault
Gets Notification: "Seems like you have a spouse and there are inappropriate pictures in your photos and downloads that could potentially start a fight, do you want to automatically hide them?"

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    imagine instead of hiding your kinks from your girl you instead shared them with her.
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    @Wisecrack or it selects you kinks and hides your wife and the rest :)
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    Oh studio has tf now? *1 week later*

    Google: Yeah so that version is deprecated use this one now which break compatibility with 2 apis and yeah you will have to basically change other dependencies as well. Also, we forgot to tell you we made some functions private and the ones you are using you will have to switch the order of parameters in your function calls.
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    @BlackSparrow what kind offucked workflow is it anyway? It's no longer "move fast, break things" ... It's rather "move, break things, break some more things".
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