Deliberately disgusting chocolate. Looks like normal chocolate, but with all the sugar removed and possibly some additives to make it taste even worse. Designed so that you can give it to kids, and they'll never want to touch chocolate again.

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    That's evil
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    No sugar chocolate is pretty good. I mean at that point it's cacao, but it's a nice drink. I tried some in a small town close to the ruins of Teotihuacan near Mexico City. Recommended! No additives as far as I know though.
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    Don't see this as a bad startup though..would probably buy it if it was shipping to my country.. xD
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    Sir, I think you mean cacao nibs.

    ~choco chips, but worse~

    I like them ,personally...oh who am I kidding ...
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    Sounds pretty close to 70% cacao chocolate... I mean I like bittersweet chocolate but I'm not that hardcore, that shit's horrible.
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    That is a double-edged sword:
    Sure, the children will become extremely critical thinkers.
    But also, they will never ever trust anything you say ever again as soon as they realize the scheme (and they definitely will, because the world is full of chocolate and children also have friends).
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    @Oktokolo what are these friends you talk of? 😁
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    @neeno 88% is absolutely delicious 🥰
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    Lindt sells 99% cacao chocolate... it tastes like mud, its horrible
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    Reading this I realise I need to buy dark chocolate. Thanks.
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    I read in some old tome, that normal children sort of automatically find other children to play with while being outside. But that has been written before the 2020 great flu of course...
    Looks like children talk with eachother and not only exchange but partially also validate experience that way. They also somehow create social/emotional bonds - i don't think, we could ever really hope to understand, what that actually means...
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    This sounds like Unsweetened Dark Cooking Chocolate. 😂
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