Does anyone have a handy macro sort of quick automation windows desktop tool they use / like?

Scenario: I fix a rando thing on a rando web app. Now I need to go through 4 clicks in a browser and enter some text to make the thing happen and see the result....I'd rather not do that 8 times as I iterate / try stuff.

I've been playing with some more automated testing stuff but I'm not there yet and the granularity of those tends not to be in the area of "make quick task and watch it happen" kinda thing.

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    1 word: Selenium.
    A few more words: or one of the easier alternatives.
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    I find playwright just works™ for me these days. It's a lot like selenium but less boilerplate, less wondering why your automation is getting stuck and how long to wait for X and Y element to appear and disappear etc. Supports the main browsers. Worth looking at!

    If you're trying to automate Windows office apps, I like automagica for that
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    Only work on cli projects. That will make everything easier.
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    @electrineer If only my customers would just make API requests and ingest JSON....
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