Customers thought it was funny that the obvious abbreviation for for a thing today was "ASS". They joked about that being a column in a menu.

So I did it.

They've got their very own "Ass" menu item in production.

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    I needed to find short names for right parts and left parts for altitude bytes. I have chosen altRight and altLeft proudly. The customer was from USA, it was a giant company.
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    I need me some SQL altLEFT JOIN
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    Is this a photograph you took? It looks like a picture straight out of a Kevin Smith movie. If you can take pictures like this, I suggest quitting whatever you do now and start a photographer career. You’ll be famous in like a year or two and will probably make minimum $500,000+ a year
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    @uyouthe it's a photo from the tv show Seinfeld ;)
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    @spoiledgoods Vandelay Industries!
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    I did a website for a local catholic diocese.

    That site makes heavy use of a certain medium grey color.
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