Ah the joy of tweaking one tiny segment of code to reduce your neural network runtime from 3 minutes for 100 generations to 3 seconds!

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    Wow!! That is very
    Impressive 👍
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    Any tips on how to get started on neural networks?
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    I once had that moment with a small ray tracer.
    Compiling with optimizations enabled suddenly brought 14x higher performance.
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    @Jumpshot44 Thanks! Now I just need to start having it identify shapes in images!
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    @GurpreetSK95 I would recommend starting out with something basic, such as identifying if points on a scatter plot lie between two lines.
    There is also a great book I read called "Artificial intelligence : A guide to intelligent systems" by Dr Michael Negnevitsky. That really helped to cement my understanding of the concepts behind them.
    Best of luck with it!!
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    @deadlyRants definately gives you that mini fist pump feeling right ;)
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