Who's the imposter?

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    Definitely not HTML, We can build AI with HTML
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    @theabbie I think you mean ML 😏

    "Hyper Threaded Machine Learning"
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    @C0D4 oh, I missed opportunity for the perfect Pun
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    Php obviously. According to group 2 HTML is a programming language, as well as for example mpeg3 standard and bmp. Php, however, is not. It’s garbage.
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    HTML - is imposter but acts dumb so that noone sus him

    C++ - totally work oriented, manages to get tasks done as soon as possible

    C# - watches c++ from a distance and thinks c++ is faking the tasks bcz he cant see sharp

    JS - only person in admin trying to swipe the card and fails at it entire round

    Python - gets killed in electrical while fixing sabotage

    Java - that annoying ass dude who will use 10 sentences of theory to make a stupid point and gets php voted out.

    Php - Trying to contact python using ouija board to know the truth but fails due to cors error.

    ps :- Add more languages lol
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    is html turing complete w/o css and js?
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    Disregard all the above, what's a Java?(TM)
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    My teenage son and I both tried Among Us, we both agreed it was a boring shitty waste of time
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    @nibor but its a trend right now.
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    @nibor I definitely enjoyed backstabbing my friends
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    @ddit lol I used to do that on an online game I played. I was publicly part of a well known guild but I was a double agent who was a secret member of a darker group who was known enemies with the guild I was publicly part of.

    I'd feed them info on what locations the good guild would go to for bosses and treasure hunting and have them all slaughtered lol. Dick move I know but it was so funny how pissed they would get trying to figure out who the spy was. They never figured it out. Good times.
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    Powerpoint slides are turing complete.


    CSS is turing complete


    HTML... I mean you can model deterministic finite automatas using just hyperlinks, but without a way to change state, it's difficult to call it a programming language.

    HTML is however a coding language, like how unicode is encodes symbols, or how genetic material encodes proteins (genetic code can however build turing machines -- You are one).
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    But the imposter is clearly JS, as it's the only one not used by adults 🙃
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    HTML obviously
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