During Summer I'm tired because it's too hot.

Now it's getting cold, it's getting harder to get out of bed...

And the heater makes me tired too...

Plus there's the not going out or, moving as much... Which may also be due to being tired.

And well in general, I seem to not feel like doing anything lately... Because I'm tired....

Seems like my routine is consolidating to: sleep, eat, work...

And if I had a choice it would just be sleep...

I need to get out of bed now so can eat and go work..... But I don't wanna.....

Is it just me? Any tips to break the cycle?

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    @F1973 social anxiety disorder?
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    IDK man, I feel the same as cold is coming.
    I'm kinda "cryophobic" tbh, but still willing to do stuff.
    I'm always tired as well, but I just think "hey, better have something that makes me really tired", so I just do what I want/need, it might not be the happiest life, but at least you have some pleasure from what you actually do.
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    FWIW - I find you just have to experiment and see what works best for you. Work earlier, work later. Go to bed earlier. Get up earlier. Get up later. Take lunch later. Skip breakfast, or don't skip breakfast.

    Problem is, everyone seems to think it's a one size fits all solution, and everyone thinks they're an expert as soon as they've found something that works for them. If I followed conventional wisdom I'd be waking up early, eating a good breakfast, exercising in the morning, taking a power nap at lunch, getting an early night, etc.

    In reality that's *terrible* advice for me - I'll feel sick if I eat too much too early, exercising in the morning will tire me out for the rest of the day, a power nap either results in no sleep or not wanting to wake up, etc. - and I'll just feel awful as a result.

    Personally, I'm much better going to sleep later, waking up later, skipping breakfast, having an early lunch, and exercising in the evening to tire myself out before bed. But YMMV :-)
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    @ZioCain well I do have a to-do list but it's taking longer to get done.

    Now that I actually got it of bed it's a better better but it's like in bursts or waves I guess.

    Only good for awhile then need a recharge... Except the time between recharged get shorter as the day goes on... And the battery is pretty much good as dead before 5pm lately...

    The moment I log off its like what to do... Eat, go out, play, sleep...
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    @Z-GOD hm... Maybe it is the coffee then... What should I drink then, tea?
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    Not just you.. happens to me every autumn and sometimes in spring time too.
    Plus with all the corona shit, no wonder you feel depressed..

    Try making yourself workout (just a little warm up excersises to get your blood flowing) in the morning and take long walks outaide without gadgets if possible. It helps to get in a better mood + it's healthy for you..
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    @F1973 got a lamp, haven't used yet as still sunny outside except last 2 days. But sorta been feeling down for a month... And that's with going out for coffee/a walk almost every day
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    @AlmondSauce yes well the problem seems to be in not getting the right balance or sleep, eat isn't as effective as they used to be.

    That and maybe I'm older and have more problems... So just wondering if anyone had the same and tips.

    I figured more ppl may after getting shut in/wfh
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    @Z-GOD I need a goal for my walks and usually that's "to buy something". Cheapest/easiest thing to buy... Coffee
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    @donuts have a routine that you walk around the block to “get your step count to 10k a day” instead of “buy something”

    Read about the German concept of Feierabend in case you are working from home https://bbc.com/worklife/article/...
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    @dder tried the 10k before... Think I have up after a week... Like a lot of health things....

    Tried food as well...
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    @donuts get your coworkers involved. I also struggle to get myself motivated but it became a good ritual to walk with 7 coworkers after lunch. I didn’t really like it because I wanted to code, but it was good; and you can talk about your (coding) problems with them. Like the rubber duck debugging concept 🐤😍
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    @dder I have no problem with distancing myself from work... I try to stick to 9-5.

    But after all the stuff I need to do.... Like meme dinner, eat, cleanup etc, it's like 8, and I'm starting to get sleepy... But then end up on my phone or computer doing "stuff" until like 10, takes an hr to wash and really goto bed... And well then there's the hi prob I'll use my phone again for stuff but now this is low value like time wasters that I'm better off not doing but it's fun.... Until I realize it's more like 12... Or 1...
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    @dder well I'm remote for like forever and well now with COVID, no coworkers. Also a bachelor and no gf... Ever.
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    Do you use blue light filtering when you are in bed doing shit with your phone ? If not, you should and you’ll feel tiered and not spend several hours in bed but rather half n hour.

    Or even better to use (and keep over night) your phone in living room and associate your bedroom only for sleeping instead of easing time on ur phone.

    When do you get up ? I’m a morning person and love the silence at that time, so I feel tired at 9 as well, but then I goto bed and sleep + get up early (feeling refreshed and motivated)
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    @donuts you like competitions ? There is probably some sites out there for competitions on step counts, also like avg over last weeks.
    For me, i like to see that I’m constantly having the same count, like in a graph or so. Makes me happy, so I keep doing that and stay motivated :)
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    @dder hm maybe...I use fix on pc but not one.

    it used to be 7 bc I commute... Now more like 8 or 9.

    Problem though is maybe not feeling asleep but waking up in the middle of the night or like 5am... And not going back until an hour or later
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    Last time I had a good night's sleep I had a cold or just bc I had the flu shot that afternoon... so was tired as hell
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