Hey, our air conditions are not free, so you really need to buy something else we charge you for the amount of air you have inhaled while sitting down.

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    I don't even know my paypal account password... or what email I signed up with ages ago...
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    I'm curious how they're going to charge expired/invalid cards...
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    @theKarlisK they work with some shitty collection agencies.

    Also, fuck paypal.
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    Screw PayPal and all of their shady everything.
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    So I shouldn't use them as direct deposit for my work...? Lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD only if you like giving away money to large corporations.
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    Fuck all the credit cards that would charge that monthly just so I can pay other big corporations.
    PayPal is still the service that makes life easy for me.

    I think it's fair to cancel an account if it's empty or take out credits until it's empty after 5 years of inactivity (no login).

    Not sure what the policy is here.
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    Banks have a dormancy charge...so PayPal wants to say they are now a bank?
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