Friend: So you're a programmer? You must be good in hacking WiFis and sht.
Me: Uhm..
Friend: Can you hack my PayPal account using HTML?
Me: Say no more.

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    Nice ,you can also create a sandbox account and enter any amount you want
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    When someone says "can you hack my PayPal account" I'd say "Sure I can", then transfer all their money into my account
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    Did you use SQL to corrupt their database?
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    it turned out HTML is indeed a good programming language for hacking. Luckily it works on your favorite browser O_O
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    @Jonnyforgotten hacking vs. cracking
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    @Greggergalactic a long wait until April mate, I wish you good luck with your lady!
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    What if paypal dev are stupid or lazy and they get your balance value from html 🤔🤔
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    @haithamSboui haha well then my friend hackers would have exploited the shit out of that already so I doubt it...but hell give it a whirl.
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    @haithamSboui how would they populate the html with the correct value then? They'd have to fetch it from somewhere. Holes in your story bruh
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    @Greggergalactic 4 months too late?
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    It's funny when people actually mention the name of technology while requesting a hack, it's like they are testing us. Like "can you invoke a system call with fucking HTML?".
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    can we use HTML to attack the whole satelite of planet earth, sir? lollllll
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    Dear old inpect element!
    I fooled my friends once using this 😂
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