With this much processing power, it is totally possible for an iPhone working as a barebone computer.

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    I mean... they are.
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    What do you think an router has?

    Or any other embedded device?

    Yeah. It's on steroids compared to it, but it's still that.
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    you can do all sorts of things with it if you jailbreak
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    Not even barbones, that chip can take on most laptops.
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    That's been possible for a while now, they've had more than enough horsepower for basic computing tasks for years.

    Just comes down to whether it's marketed for that ;)
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    @IntrusionCM Well routers have kickass cam memory, specialized chips and etc ;)

    But I digress into my old career ;)
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    @N00bPancakes Yeah.

    But that's true for anything "chip" related.

    X86 has it's weirdo extensions that prevent's it's death... And a lot of "insane" shit under the hood (Caching, TLBs, Micro Ops, ...)

    ARM has no sanity. Everyone can hot glue a mainboard with it's own specifics and several (non-arm) chips together and an ARM processor together and call it a ARM platform... Linus had one very specific Rant about this *chuckles*

    A smartphone is exactly that. Plus an LCD & battery. (Non-arm chips like camera, AI, networking if not included in ARM processor, ...).

    So ... Duh?

    In the end, everything is sand if you toast it hot enough xD
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    @IntrusionCM Everything is chips, but everything can't be something else effectively without the right chips ;)
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    I wonder when can we dock our phones with big monitors at work
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    @vicary already possible*
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