Ok, now math is starting to make sense and I'm beginning to enjoy it.

Is this a new level of the love of hurting one self or is this the act of enjoyness? Hmmm...

I noticed that I like to "reverse engineer" the formula we have to remember (I don't like remembering without knowing its benefits and reason of existence and it will most likely be forgotten after graduation when I don't find these two attributes of one formula) and I noticed that I am rather old fashioned and like to do it in a complex way instead of the derived ready formula way.

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    Math is fun.
    (Or can be.)
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    Everyone who described a thing he likes and is passionate about it...

    Made it sound like my love hate relationship with spicy food.

    I love spicy food. Sometimes it kills me (health issues)... But damn. I need it.

    It's this: It's good but it can be bad TM thing. XD
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    Understanding is much better than memorizing, you can always look up a formula, but there won't always exist one for a problem you need to solve. You need to be able to understand where all formulas come from so that you can come up with your own when the need arises.

    I think this is the reason I'm usually the one that helps everyone with math stuff, I don't just memorize the stuff like the teacher teaches us to do, I try to understand it as much as I can. Most of the time I'm able to solve any problem without memorizing any formulas.
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    Math was never a difficult thing, It's just a Stereotype.
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