Sorry for not posting in days, I have been really busy refining the devRant rewrite.

I came here to suggest you a song that undeniably slaps, and if anyone disagrees, well, they’re wrong lol


Thank me later

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    I usually never like music that other people recommend but this does indeed slap
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    @sudo-woodo I have a niche musical taste because I grew (and am still growing) in a house that mainly plays clasical music so my musical taste was never shaped to the 21st century.

    I guess I just like good rhythm :P
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    Thanking you now.. 🤪😇
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    @sladuled happy to put a smile on someone’s face ☺️
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    I get what someone in the comments said about it being similar to Slipknot's Before I Forget. The rhythmic feel is very similar.
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    @electrineer I can see that actually.

    Yeah, it IS quite similar!
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