Everyone has these swank job titles now. VP, Principal Something-Something Architect. I'm sorta jealous.

I'm just a "Software Engineer" (I think?) at 23 years in. Actually, I have no idea what my title is, so I just say "Software Engineer".

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    Titles are just titles, I use software developer or system developer.

    Next month will be the first time I get a new official title due to a new role, and I am 50 ;)

    Titles fill three functions, to help others identify who’s responsible, to indicate what type of rile you have held when looking for a job, and for bragging.
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    I've been a web dev, a e-commerce developer, a software engineer and a senior software engineer.

    Call it want you want, I still poke keys and produce code.
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    Officially: web dev
    Unoffficially: Mädchen für alles
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    Senior Dumbass Enterprise Multi Layer Infrastructure Architectural Engineer Cyber Demigod with a 20 ft long LinkedIn penis
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