EU did not fuck up anything in a few months, time to fix it

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    😤🤬 not that the media are busy with Corona, no one would even notice what they are pushing through..

    Better then ACTA which they tried during the World Cup..
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    It’s the same approach used by China to keep track of political conversations" [...]

    Welp, great role model you've got there
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    Fuck me.
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    This whole argument of equating encryption to child porn is nothing less than propoganda. It's also this nice squasher for anyone who tries to hold a sensible debate on why it's a good thing.

    "Oh look, this guy wants end to end encryption, he must be into child porn!"
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    @just8littleBit I didn't even heard about that one. I guess nobody was talking about it, just like nobody is talking about this.
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    But... it shouldn't matter to you if you don't do anything illegal.

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    Next they will delegalize two people private talking without cellphones or in faraday cage.
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    @WeAreMany Anyone making that argument needs to first send me all of their private emails, messages, phone calls, and other personal details.

    No-one has taken me up on it yet.
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    @WeAreMany Let’s all start walking naked cause we have nothing to hide and clothes are just fashion that we got used to.
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    @lamka02sk was like 8 years ago I think. But t approach seems to be the same.
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    What the fuck.
    It's the 'last bastion' of privacy and they're gonna test that down as well?
    Fucking hell I'm moving to antarctica.
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    I hate how people equate caring about privacy with illegal shit
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    This technological solution to the "problem" could have serious ramifications for doing business with EU companies. If I as a citizen of the US am communicating to an EU citizen then my data is now at risk. It would be dangerous for my company to do business with EU companies and individuals. Trade secrets are already being stolen constantly. For EU companies to be cut off from other countries because they are now a security risk would be damaging to the EU economy.

    Also, do these idiots think 1984 is a "how to" book?
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    @Demolishun To be honest i am not really sure what i should think of this, they have literally been pushing for data protection the last 3-4 years now. But i just guess i have to wait to see, i dont really mind watching everything burn.
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    @Demolishun It's exactly the same the other way around right now due to Privacy Shield being off the table. Transferring PII to the US from the EU is illegal at the moment!
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    Shit like this is so fucking dangerous. Of course everybody is in favor of circumventing some child porn watcher's encryption.
    But that's such a slippery slope. Imagine that in ten years time nobody has a problem circumventing the bank's encryption just to check whether your friend can actually pay you when you don't really trust him to.

    Consititutions are there for a reason. You either give everybody the same rights, or you cancel them for everybody. In both cases that includes the thugs and the criminals. A constitution is based on the principle that everybody should be treated equally, no matter what. The second you start making exceptions is when the really dangerous fuckery begins.
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    @linuxxx Not exactly. Schrems II has deemed Privacy Shield invalid.
    But, if you have a Data Protection Agreement (DPA) and also the EU Standard Contractual Clauses (the SCC), it is still ok to store PII data at a US-owned facility (whether it's physically in the US or placed somewhere else but directly owned by a US company).

    This is why we don't see MS, Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce or any other of the companies supplying MarTech systems doing radical restructuring. It is still legal, as long as you have the right contracts in place.

    I'm working with exactly this, and the first week after Schrems II our major clients in EU where screaming loudly (especially their legal departments). After having gone through the details of all contracts, everyone is calm again.
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    @bjoer751 I'm closely involved with this stuff as well and I'm interpreting and hearing different things, interesting.

    Although it should be fucking illegal regardless.
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    @AlmondSauce @vane *sarcasm* mhmh.
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    @WeAreMany I realise it's sarcasm, but I still hear that argument branded around so much it's ridiculous.
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    @AlmondSauce my parents usually argue shit like that when I visit them.

    I don't visit them anymore.
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    Ah yes, because if you use encryption, then you *must* be a child rapist or a sex trafficker.

    Sound logic.
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