At what point do you know if you're good enough to be a Junior Developper inside a company ?
What are the things you must know and be able to do?
I'm in It for now but my company has multiple Dev teams and I'd like to join them eventually, I know I can Google for that but I'd like real answers not blog bullshit

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    Be able hit some backend data and display it in a UI. Be able to write some sql and linq. Be able to create features with fuzzy requirements. Listen to people who are trying to help you get better. Be able to test your ideas for solutions in a time boxed way. In one way or other test your code.
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    Like @georgelynch suggests listen to people looking at your code / application take onboard the criticisms. Have fun learning pick some easy realistic goals and importantly stick to one language till you get the concepts of programming
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    You ask "at what point...". I would say that point is somewhere after you start working as a junior dev. You'll never feel perfectly confident until you have actually done it for a while.
    But the work you'll be doing is only stuff people before you have been able to do. No reason why you shouldn't be able to do it.
    Be humble and use Google! Don't be afraid to present solutions when you see them.
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    Point is when you joined devRant, you are already ready.
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    Play with something on your own. It does not matter if it's assembly, desktop, web or mobile. Just pick something that you would like to use and build it. Any program or app that you can think of. That will help you to stay focused and willing to learn every day. 😀😉

    It will be also very useful to discuss the problems you faced building it at any job interview from now on.
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    Thanks a lot for your help guys I really appreciate it
    I already understand the basics of programming, but I'm guessing I have to focus on one language as I've been told
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