I’m currently working with a devops team in the company to migrate our old ass jboss servers architecture to kubernetes.

They’ve been working in this for about a year now, and it was supposed to be delivered a few months back, no one knew what’s going on and last week they manage to have something to see at least.

I’ve never seen anything so bad in my short life as a developer, at the point that the main devops guy can’t even understand his own documentation to add ci/cd to a project.

It goes from trigger manually pipelines in multiple branches for configuration and secrets, a million unnecessary env variables to set, to docker images lacking almost all requisites necessary to run the apps.

You can clearly see the dude goes around internet copy pasting stuff without actually understanding what going on behind as every time you ask him for the guts of the architecture he changes the topic.

And the worst of all this, as my team is their counterpart on development we’ve fighting for weeks to make them understand that is impossible the proceed with this process with over 100 apps and 50+ developers.

Long story short, last two weeks I’ve been fixing the “dev ops” guy mess in terms of processes and documentation but I think this is gonna end really bad, not to sound cocky or anything but developers level is really low, add docker and k8s in top of that and you have a recipe for disaster.

Still enjoying as I have no fault there, and dude got busted.

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    Jeez, this came out really long, hopefully not boring haha.
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    @eptsousa nope not boring, infuriating at least
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    @alexbrooklyn I just reached a nirvana status where I’m not even bothered just disappointed.
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    Thank god we all saved ourselves the time of having to spend 12 minutes deploying our own LAMP servers...
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi dude I’m not even close to being devops, just following kubernetes documentation deployed a kubernetes cluster with its nodes, and setup most part of ci/cd in a few days, how after a year they don’t have something even usable goes beyond me.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi btw I was about to make fun of LAMP, but after reading your last rant I realized developers like to be snobish on the technologies they use, so a LAMP server would have been just better than a year of nothing.
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    Over... A.... Mfucking... Year....

    I'm feeling pissed. And ashamed.

    That's just sad.
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    @eptsousa Devs universally hate PHP and LAMP... but nonetheless 75% of the web runs on LAMP.

    I don't mind .NET for enterprise level stuff, and the money is usually good.

    I don't mind Node. I use raw Node and PM2 a lot myself for persistent server scripts that need to respond to JavaScript events...

    but I despise React/Vue/Angular which are already in the process of collapsing under their own weight and have come to require entire teams of DevOps all so nobody has to spend 3 minutes wiring up their own picklist all because it was too difficult for the average dev to set up the crazy ass environment that their "environmentless code" requires to run.

    I can code React/Vue/Angular... I CHOOSE not to.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi agree that over engineering is the trend these days, spa frameworks are good for what they were created, highly complex website, not just a blog with 500 lines of JS.

    You end up with a bloated website with only 10% of actual code.
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