When it's time to go into evil mode

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    Then you'll definitely won't get paid 😏

    You're supposed to "decrease" opacity to make the body fade.
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    @Jase Satan. Is that you?
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    @stackodev had same pic on my mind! could've made a gif but $lazy == true
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    @kong true, but then again 'client not paid' implies that I should pay him 😂
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    That is actually brilliant!
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    It's like wait and die!
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    Doesn't it actually say that the client has paid? The cross is next to the statement "Client not paid". So !ClientNotPaid == ClientPaid.
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    reposting is one thing.. reposting it wrong is another..
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    And something like displaying blinking word randomly in the website that web support from hosting sees that for site is not payed . And that it is informing the friends of guy who haven't payed, by Facebook messages . I could do that for my friend, actually if you are watching properly you can find my real story behind. You know social links for work .. Who couldn't speak like this ? Just guyz who avoided mistakes
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    @freshlyfe what did you even say? You can't start a sentence with and...
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    @MaccaMc think he meant "add", not and..
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    Actually I was just immediately telling my ideas with that. Add and doesn't matter, the story is my friend didn't pay me and this was just fire spitting
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