*Downloads 37 PDFs of Learning Programming in ________*

*Doesn't read them*

*Subscribes to YouTube channels that teach programming*

*Attempts to watch everything*



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    Don't do too much at once. Learn one thing at a time. You have all your life to learn stuff, take it a decent pace and don't overwhelm yourself with loads of books and videos. Slow down and be patient.
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    @JakeHL thanks! that helps :)
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    Exactly like me xD
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    The best way to start, in my, didactically completely untrained, opinion, is not with guides or lengthy tutorials but with a good ide, the documentation in an open tab and a project you're invested in.

    You'll tackle most common practices and you'll find your way of handling them while the ide will keep your syntax in check. A tutorial can be nice later on to get into the fucked up stuff but nothing beats trial, error and getting fucked over by a machine until you want to burn it down in the beginning.

    P.S. Try to code only when gas stations are unavailable, you'll thank me after encountering your first heisenbug.
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