So it’s promotion season in my org and once again I got passed up. Manager says “you’re right there just a little bit longer” but he’s been saying that for the better part of a year. I’ve consistently done the job not in my job description but the job of the position above me. Some of my senior engineers and staff engineers have told me personally that they are shocked that I haven’t been promoted yet. And I know I should be patient but hearing other people (albeit in different teams) get recognized when you work just as hard if not harder than they do, and you go to conferences and you volunteer to be on call and you lead meetings and when you’re one of the technical anchors of the team… I don’t know. I shouldn’t take it personally I get it but it’s a huge blow to my confidence and my mental health. I work hard and when I see news like this I work harder and get burned out and when I still see news like this it makes me work even harder and get even more burnt out until I reach a mental breaking point. Makes me feel like I’ll never be good enough.


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    It's totally understandable to feel that way.

    Personally I'd want to ask manager guy what the difference between 'right there' and ... 'there' is exactly. What is or isn't happening that is making the difference and so forth.

    Might be worth looking around at other opportunists just to get a feel for the current lay of the land? Sometimes folks do that and find they are actually pretty happy to stay where they are.
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    Sounds like they’re perfectly happy keeping you where you are. Convince them otherwise. Otherwise they’ll continue to get the same productivity for the same salary. Stand up for yourself, drop hints that you’re looking elsewhere and fielding other offers, and that some of them sound better. It’ll scare them into showing their hand: either they want you and will try to keep you, or they don’t want you at all.

    More concisely:
    If you want to change something in your life, you’ve got to change something in your life.
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