Anyone else get LinkedIn messages like this on the reg?

“Well, I wanna work with US clients but most of them want to work with US only developers.
Also, I think US developers' hourly rate is much higher than others.
So i hope to collaborate with you.

Well, If I explain in detail:
- We will apply for jobs on several job platforms.
(Angel, Dice, Indeed, …)
- If the clients require video/voice interview, you will do that.
- I will do all the tasks.

In this case, you are the manager, and my role will be the coder and tester.”

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    I've heard of this kind of offer before. I don't know of anyone who has taken them up on it.

    I assume the scam is that they get you go through this whole dance and then somehow ask you for money ahead of the first paycheck that you're scheduled to earn... and they walk with that or something.

    And now it is your name on the line...

    Either way it is your name on the line and they risk nothing...
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    Borrowed ladders. They're wanting you to be an accomplices in fraud.
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    Wow, my scam radar did not pick up on that. What a bunch of dicks.
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    Tread carefully, either they'll hang you out to dry and your fucked financially or professionally, or worse you'll get fired and potentially charged - depending on country and laws around sub contracting and your own contractual agreements with your employer.

    But I'm sure the whole "ooh I can make my paycheck, and not do any of the work" sounds encouraging, until you have to enter a meeting, explain E2E your entire contributions for x months and not have a fucking clue on what any of it does, that my friend is your undoing.

    I have witnessed this first hand, it doesn't end well.
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    @C0D4 definitely declined it. I got my hands full with a full time dev job and freelance clients that I’d even say no if it was legit.
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    @C0D4 you saw someone try this scam... jebus
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    @N00bPancakes couldn't tell you if it was this specific scam or not, but the idiot was caught subcontracting his work out.

    Caught in the sense we had a high suspicion, and enough evidence to suggest it, although they wouldn't admit it and quit before it made it that far, but yea, the fact that this does occur is amazing in its own.
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    Edit: Nope. Nope. Nope.
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