My friends don't understand what it's like to be a dev so when I ask for times/arrangements they think I'm just being a prick about it. Sometimes I ask for specific times because I have to do pull requests and what not and I want to arrange it to maximize little downtime but because none of these guys are Devs they don't understand. How do I help these guys understand that me asking for specific times isn't about me being a prick, it just has to do with work because when I tell them that they don't get it

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    Autumn's leaves are spectacular, but they''ll be forgotten in spring - unlike the trees.
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    When you are with friends you aren't exactly a developer to them but a friend. And time with friends is a blocked time to relax and unwind from the stress of work. Maybe accepting and being open that sometimes details like timings can't be planned and you can chill and go with the flow. Enjoy your friends' company.
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    Work less bro. Don't try to squeeze chilling with your friends into your calendar between scrum and pr review
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