When Pavlova danced, she worked with the audience like no one else could.

When Ulanova danced, she completely ignored the audience and transitioned into her own world.

Both are unarguably the best ballet dancers known to humankind.

There is no "right" way to do something if you want to be really good. You can totally invent your own ways of doing things, this is how our science got to where it's at basically.

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    This is true with anything but PHP. You want to be good, you see PHP, you nope out. That's how it is.
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    @uyouthe based on your examples above, it would appear php is doing its own thing 🙃
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    @C0D4 You shitting on the floor right in the middle of your Q4 meeting also classifies as “doing your own thing”, but is it good?
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    @uyouthe I mean... it's going to get attention, weather that's "good" is up to the crowd.
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    @uyouthe kiki move to shit on the floor. That's how you assert dominance
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    Meeting was a shit show anyway
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