Dude, I think I need a stress ball :/

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    Is it just me or are people seem to be breaking their arms like crazy today? I saw 3 broken arm related rants in the last hour. One even had an x-ray o_O
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    Anything counts when there's a stress ball involved
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    @wolt you're right
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    The year is 20XX...
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    Maybe a girlfriend?
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    @JoshuaaM buuuuurn =D
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    My suggestion is to get something like this: https://amazon.com/CopperJoint-Copp...

    Because it is a lot easier to code (or do anything) with that as it is flexible, but still provides support. Then wear the heavy duty brace when resting it.

    I've had tendonitis issues where I had to take short term disability because doctors said not to move my wrist, including using a computer, for a few weeks. And this has helped prevent that from happening again.

    You may also want to ask a doctor about voltaren. It's a prescription cream that somehow lowers the intensity of flare ups, at least for me.
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