The biggest influence on my coding style is my OCD and trust me, its awful.

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    Oooh, I'd love to see your code 😍😍

    Wait, what do you mean it's awful?! Code style of yours or OCD?! 🤔
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    @sladuled The OCD. On really bad days I've spent hours aligning all my assignments so they start and end on the same space. If I don't it feels like someone around me will die. It's a terrible illness and I wouldn't wish it on a dog.

    On normal days, it's minor things like linting every 10 seconds, having all my tabs in the right order, odering my CSS properties in alphabetical order or stuff like that.
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    I can relate to this. I do similar things: ordering methods, ensuring the variables are proper (not just the name, but camel case / snake case), adding comments between code for my understanding, etc.

    On many instances, this just takes loooong time.
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    OMG! Reading your comments, I have the exact same issue. I go bonkers when I have to work with another dev (some of the FE devs working with me, don't lint, don't comment, and make a ton of spelling mistakes). Man it's crazy.
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    @hashedram Yeah, I figured you didn't mean the code was awful, but I wanted to check anyways..

    I know OCD is a bitch to handle, I have it too, though I managed to have it somewhat under ctrl since uni, that is if I'm not under severe stress.. I still count, I still overcheck, I I overwash..

    I wish you all the best with coping & that you too will soon find some peace of mind & ways to handle it with more ease!!
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    @sladuled That's from one of my chess engines
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    @hashedram 😍 it looks and 'feels' really nice & clean!! 👍👍
    P.S. how do you decide on how much space to put before & after ' = ' ??
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    @sladuled Its always one tab after. The before depends on the longest variable in the page. I've had really horrible days where I had to declare a new long variable and ended up re-tabbing the whole page again to line everything up.
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