1. Indent with 3 spaces to fuck both tabs guys and spaces guys git repos.

2. Use windows line endings and laugh and laugh and laugh.

3. Giant full page ascii art intro on every single file.

4. After the giant ascii art intro there are literally zero comments.

5. Keep the bracket on the same line for getters, but on the next line for setters because fuck you.

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    Windows line breaks work fine on nix systems.
    However, windows is a bitch about unix line breaks.
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    @metamourge lets make it more fun and use CR instead to fuck them all ;)
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    We really used 3 spaces in a giant project. It was in coding standard.
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    @aviophile I kind of like using 3 spaces.
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    @Root 4 space always seemed ideal to me. On screen and also it is 2^2. 3 is just weird 🌝
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    @Root and I know it is trivial matter, we have bigger problems than already agreed upon coding standards. But all other projects had 4 space as std and it felt weird.
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    @aviophile I agree that it’s a bit strange, but 3 spaces tends to work well for alignment in a lot of cases, especially around if’s. Four is also nice, particularly in JS (var, let).

    I haven’t tried Fibonacci indentation before; I might for fun.
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    I knew a guy who decided to fuck with everyone by writing code like this

    public string SomeMethod ()

    { methodbody;

    methodbodyContinued; }
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    Just have a .editorconfig and .prettierrc 😂
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    @Root lol lets make it into a VS extension too 😂
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    You sir, are a special kind of evil (:
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    well, I guess some ppl just want to watch the world burn...

    While we are at it, have you ever had a look the "unmaintainable code guide"? https://github.com/Droogans/...
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    We've found the chaotic evil standard. You should publish that somewhere.
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    I indent with tabs but set my editor to a tabsize of 3 because I actually think it's quite fancy
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    @Root I just looked it up.

    And I thought 3 indents are stupid 🤦🏻‍♂️

    What is the problem with the 4-space standard? I don't get why people go crazy with their indents.
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    Man, I understand the last 3.

    But the first one... you fucking sinned my dude.

    Just, *no.*
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    The worrying part is that some people here thought that some of these points are actually valid
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