The face they make when they find out that instead of


I go


Totally worth it.

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    No, you monster
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    I suppose the bright side is you don't write 1,220,220 as 12,20,220 😋
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    @SortOfTested Finally no more headaches & nightmares.. now here you are reminding me again!! O.o // full on PTSD eyes mode
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    oh no, you didn't! 😰😲
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    Thanks I hate it
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    You have to chug the bleach before you're qualified. Get on it.
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    War criminal
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    I like the idea behind it, but it is just so unfamiliar and hard to get used to!

    I want to like it, but I don’t yet!
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    You're a sick puppy.
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    , b
    //, c
    , d
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    You don’t follow “aleap of faith”, do you?

    aleap: as less eww as possible (©)
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    *angry face*
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    The only benefit in leading commas I'm seeing is to only see actually changed stuff in VCS, but other than that it's kind of bothersome and looks weird.
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    For ternaries, I do

    ? truthy expression
    : falsey expression;
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    I fucking hate it and I'm going to start doing it.
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    @sutekh42 Masochism is strong in you.
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    @kamen Balanced out with a healthy dose of sadism lol
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    As long as you don't explain it by being able to comment out or remove the last element... ugly but ok.
    You are just switching to not being able to remove the first element.

    And yes. I've met people arguing like that.
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    Btw, it's always nice to see when some languages allow leading or trailing commas in lists. Just so that people don't do what you do. 😄
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    Try getting past a formatter with this vomit. Yuck!
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