Myself. I started with PHP about 7 years ago. Most people nowadays don't really start writing vanilla code in language they are learning anymore. Everyone just want to see results and fast, I didn't. I needed everthing to be perfect from the start. It took me a little longer to get shit done as to anyone else and sometimes it really bothered me. Am I stupid? In the end it turned out, I was not *that* stupid. In the end I learned to hate half-baked solutions of these "fast" people.
Along the way, my coding style got better and better as I gained experience. In my opinion, coding standards are a good for helping you find your own coding style. You shouldn't use them blindly just because they exist. You and your colleagues should always find the optimal solution that works for you. I probably wouldn't be able to work in a company where the code is written the way I hate. It hurts when I have to write something under a lot of pressure and just glue things together resulting in a pile of mess.

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