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Is ruby on rails worth learning now and is it dead ? I am a bit of a newbie to backend. I did create a site for a friend a year or two ago with django but still it was pretty simple. My horrible code is available here :- https://github.com/akshaytolwani123...

Also is this course on coursera for free on audit decent for the basics https://coursera.org/learn/... or should I just use freecodecamp or similar.

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    Such questions can't be answered objectively. "Worth" is obviously subjective to what you consider to be of worth.

    If you're looking for a job, look at the city you want to work in and see how many Ruby on Rails jobs there are that you'd like to work in.

    If you want to get something specific built, see if there's similar things built with it and if there's enough resources.

    Asking a blanket question like
    "Is X language worth it"
    is as meaningful as asking
    "Is hammer worth it"

    The language is just a tool. Focus on what you want to do with such tools. A tool is worth it if it helps you do what you want to do.
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    Is RoR worth learning: no
    Is RoR dead: yes


    * awaits @root to attack *

    Ok reverse those!

    The same can be said for any language though, but last time I checked Ruby is still well used, I still have to dabble with it now and again. Some ass hat used Ruby for our deployments, I don't hate Ruby, I hate the ass hat. 😁

    Learn what you want to learn, build what you want to build - it's really all it comes down to.

    PHP is supposed to be a dead language, and yet still pays my bills🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 PHP really should be dead. But it stubbornly refuses to die and keeps getting a little bit better instead. 😡

    A lot of people keep repeating the same three myths: Ruby is slow, Rails is dead, and neither are worth learning.

    Ruby is as fast (or faster than) Python and comparable (and much more enjoyable to write!), GitHub/Heroku/etc. use Rails, and there are very well-paying Rails jobs, and in addition: Rails makes everything quite easy.
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    Shopify just rewrote its entire RoR architecture for browsing storefronts. In the podcast about it they talked about a 30 year business horizon for that. It’s not super popular but it is used and someone who is skilled in it can make a heck of a case for it in a big project that can’t be subjected to the constant drift of the JS world

    Edit: they rewrote from old RoR to new RoR (technically a modified rails implementation) just to be clear.
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