So, yesterday I have been working on a php project (commitent asked for it to be php) and I spent the whole day trying to solve a "driver issue" exception.
I previously worked on various WordPress projects as a freelancer, so I should be fine, right?
I couldn't fix it in the whole day, tried all the solutions on google up to the 5th page, searched around stack overflow etc, and the error message is just "driver not found"... Gee php, thanks for the details! I am sure it will come out it's something small and easy, but I have learned enough about php and I want to stay as far away away from it as possible.

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    Never heard or experienced such problem. Windows user right? If yes, I am not surprised. PHP on Windows is a total mess.
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    @lamka02sk nope, linux (and a couple attempts on mac too).
    Should be linked to the pdo, but the weird part is that I am using sqlite, so it should be installed already and `php -m` says that the modules for pdo and pdo_sqlite are enabled, it's so odd...
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    @piratefox Strange. I assume you are using either Apache or Nginx? If so, running command php -m may say it is enabled, but it could be enabled only for CLI and not for apache or fpm.
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    @lamka02sk nginx, but I get the error in php command line as well
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    Maybe your CLI's environment is different from the webserver's - happened to me many times…
    Try getting the installed modules via phpinfo() instead of using php -m in the CLI.
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    Offtopic, but "Yesterday I have been working on stuff" is just as wrong as "Tomorrow I was a taxi driver".
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    @electrineer yikes! You are right, I was going to write "recently" instead of "yesterday", I guess I had a brain fart :s
    But thanks for pointing out, as a non-native speaker sometimes I do very silly mistakes which I don't realize 😅
    (E.g. I used to say "people which (...)" All the time before someone made me notice it was wrong)
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    @Panni nope, still included
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