This is why people should use Linux. I'll never understand why people use Windows in commercial environments, because things like this always happen.

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    I'm not sure. Is this kind of thing impossible on Linux?
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    @stackodev No, but with linux, you can have a system with only the bare minimum and not the countless crap that windows has...
    Stability lies in simplicity usually...
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    @antoni4040 umm, sorry Sir but you're wrong. I work with embedded windows operating system and you can do the same in windows as well. You can even take out the Windows explorer shell and replace it with your own custom shell.

    Please do your research before bashing something :) What you see here is fault of the software developer.
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    @tahnik Linux is still free though. Never heard of embedded windows, I'll have to check it out
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    @sploders101 Companies use Windows for many reasons, Drivers and Win32 api being the most important reason.
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    @tahnik have you tried windows for IoT? Can you give me any advice about it? Thanks!
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    I don't think so.
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    @Vake93 If they have NVidia yes..
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    @tahnik No offence, but windows embedded sucks. Hard. My father had bought a gps navigator that had Windows embedded, guess who had to troubleshoot that garbage... Lagged from the beginning, Microsoft stopped supporting the software that was used to update the firmware after a couple of years... That and the ocassional advertising screen, which always has stopped working, is my experience with Windows embedded. Also, sometimes I've found that these machines have complete windows setups, not just embedded, for some reason...
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    @antoni4040 @tahnik I agree with both of you, windows embedded for consumer products has been bad in my experience. At work though, the majority of our production and assembly interfaces use windows embedded and are rock solid.
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    @antoni4040 Well that's again the manufacturer's fault to use an OS that will be lose it's support sooner that customers expect. There are multiple versions of embedded windows from old to recent. It's a developer's job to make sure that they have the right hardware for their software and OS. It's not windows fault the manufacturer is cutting cost in proper hardware.

    Also, if some of these machine have full windows instead of embedded, it's again the vendor's fault, not windows's.
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    @brod well as you said it's rock solid. Same in our company. We're generating millions of cash by using it. As long as right hardware and optimized software is used, it's very stable and runs perfectly.
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