Failures (lots of them) + the mentality of: "do more now, do less later".

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    @F1973 Pretty much.

    I took the time to clean-up my CMS a bit a little while ago (though still need to do more) and it saved me so much time already : >
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    @Z-GOD It started as an internal project at work (that they never used), but since I also built it with my website I kept developing it.

    And before you wonder: we wanted to move off WordPress (for obvious reasons), Laravel can go die in a fire and Symfony didn't have any CMS that we knew off that ticked all the other boxes, soooo well... yea... there is it :p

    CMS is built on CakePHP btw (CakePHP already did have Croogoo but that documentation is pretty "meh")
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    @F1973 This is how I live my life. With the exception of less stress and more happiness later.

    I suffer today so that tomorrow might be better, but tomorrow never comes.
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